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To: [not so wicked witch]
From: [boss lady]


I just got off the phone with a frantic Frenchman. Seems something big is taking place over there and he’s got no clue as to what it actually is beyond “big”, possibly “hungry”, with maybe a side of “pissed off”. So. I have no idea beyond a hunch but do you think this might tie in to your question from last night?

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To: [boss lady]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Problem.

As in, I have one. After my poking about yesterday, I'm pretty sure Farouk was doing his own dabblings into the occult. Which wouldn't be a problem, except he knew enough to get in touch with a few people, who put him in touch with some other people and long story short, I've got a bad feeling about this whole sudden departure of his. You got time to help me work the network on this? Someone has had to have heard from him.

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To: [security chief]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Need a favour.

You have cameras on the front gate, yeah? Can I get you to dig up the footage of anyone visiting Farouk in the last two months and I'll come down to have a look at it? I need to make sure of something.


To: [ninja-in-training]
From: [toil and trouble]

Subject: Got something for you.

I need you to get into Farouk's room and see if you can't grab me something that looks like he uses it regular - coffee mug, pen, something like that. On the quiet, since we're guests and all, but it's important. Oh, and don't let your skin touch whatever it is you grab - I need a clean reading.

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Monsieur Farouk,

Out of his deep and abiding respect for the people who introduced us, and your own considerable reputation, His Excellency is amenable to rescheduling the meeting - in order to accomodate the change in your circumstances.

We shall discuss the details once you arrive, but I must warn you - the price is likely to rise due to the inconvenience to His Grace.

I am looking forward to speaking with you in person.



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