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To: [Fairy Princess]

From: [Jubes]

Subject: The hell? )
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To: [Black, Cammie]
From: [Rasputin, Illyana N.]

Subject: Jake is an idiot

Why do you want him dead? Personally I'm just vindictive.
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To: Laverne, Marius
From: Rasputin, Illyana
Subject: Insurance

If I don't get my cookies within 48 hours, this ) is going to be my default icon forever.


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To: [las chicas fabulosas]
From: [el miserable]
Subject: Rawr

Shitty weekend. I hate men and crave the company of women after work. As if my life wasn't full of one fucking cliche after another, I just want some quality time with you all, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte, Ben, and Jerry. No penis but mine allowed.

Well, maybe Bishop's, but only if he brings his cop uniform.

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To: [Stavros, Jennie]
From: [Rasputin, Illyana]
Subject: Wish you were here

Wish you were here )
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To: [Amanda], [Doug], [Marie-Ange], [Illyana], [Jubilation]
From: [Sarah]
Subject: Because he deserves this much...

Tomorrow night. Finnegans. I say we go get trashed in honor of a good friend.

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To: [Illyana, Jennie]
From: [Monet]
Subject: [Oh My God!]

So, I heard from Marius who got it from Forge that Kurt and Marie are actually siblings. Who knew? They don't look a thing alike.

Good thing Marie can't touch anyone, eh?
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It's the thought that counts, right? Left in Sofia's mailbox in a yellow envelope.

For you... )
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To: [Monet St. Croix]
From: [Illyana Rasputin]
Subject: Before I forget -  )
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Text of a note taped to pile of about five shoe boxes dropped off at Snow Valley by courier.

"Three pairs is hell, Illyana. They're mostly flats and summery things but one pair has leeeetle chunky heels. Even you should be able to walk in them. Let me know if they don't fit and I will get ones that do.


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to: [Illyana Rasputin]
from: [Jennifer Stavros]
subj: I'm alive.

And sane. Again. Sane-r. Most of the wacky genetic fun has gone away.

I would like to say I don't drop off the face of the planet regularly, but the trend is starting to disturb.

Also, I hear you guys assisted in finding us. Um. Thanks for that. On behalf of the three of us.
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OOC: A reply to this email. I may have forgotten about it slightly. Because I'm good like that.

To: [Illyana]
From: [Monet]
Subject: RE Much as I know there's not really a positive answer coming my way here )
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Left for Illyana on the door of her apartment in the brownstone. Contains a sheet of notebook paper with said note in Amanda's handwriting, and a set of keys.

Illyana, )
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To: [Rasputin, I]
From: [Marko, C]
Subject: When you have a moment...

I noticed you were moving most of your stuff out this weekend, but if you've got a moment in the next day or so, stop by and see me. Got some things to discuss.

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To: [Coming to the bloody prom!]
From: [The fantastic one]

You? Are coming to the prom. You know why? Because we will be snarky and fantabulous and mock everyone for being less fantastic than us. Because I am (probably) chaperoning.

And because we will LAUGH at Marius and Kyle in suits and eat fake french food on little sticks and drink fake cosmos. And you will wear my blue dress if you don't have one and my ballet slippers.

And we will have fun. Lots of it.

Are you clear?

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To: ['Yana]
From: [the kitten]
Subject: Laundry mix-up?

Hey 'Yana, was there a laundry mix-up? I just found one of your bras in my drawer and I have no idea how it got there. I think I would have noticed if I were washing your stuff, but undisputedly it was in my drawer (and is now on your bed).


To: [Jamie]
From: [Kit]
Subject: Did I forget something?

You haven't been hoarding forgotten underwear or something, have you? I can't find the black one. You know, with the lace. I didn't leave it in your room, did I?



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