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To: [Cassidy, Sean]
From: [Terry]
Subject: The keep. )

To: [Bestest Roomie]
From: [Cute and Lovable]
Subject: Present/Favor )
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To: [Cassidy, Sean]
From: [trcassidy@webmail.xsgy.com]
Subject: Sorry )
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To: [Summers, Scott]
From: [Cassidy, Terry]
CC: [Cassidy, Sean]
Subject: Meeting to discuss concerns

Mr. Summers,

Sean would like to speak with both of us about my request. If you have time, I was hoping we could arrange a time to have that meeting and discuss whatever his concerns are.

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A CD with a plain white cover and an envelope

Dear Sean )

The CD is a recording of Terry singing "Isle of Inisfree"

(OOC note: Isle of Inisfree is sung by Orla Fallon)
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Wrapped in brown paper:

A photo album, containing photos of Maeve Cassidy dating from before she met Sean and ending with a shot of Maeve holding Theresa, with a note beside it that reads "An old friend told me about this photo last year, and finally sent me a copy - apparently, it's the only one of the two of you that was taken, and they never thought to tell me about it once I found out you weren't dead, because they're touched in the head.  I hope you like it as much as I do.".

There are annotations beside most of the photos - not just dates and places, but funny stories, and memories.  Sean is in only a few of the photos himself, although there's one very early on with him and Maeve and Tom all sitting around a table in the pub laughing, in which he's sporting an impressive black eye.  The a note beside this one reads, simply: "She did it."
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To: [Cassidy, Sean]
From: [Cassidy, Terry]
Subject: Mom

Sean... Dad,

I've never seen most of these. She was beautiful. Thank you.

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to: [Xavier, Charles]
cc: [Gavin, Jake], [Braddock, Betsy], [Cassidy, Sean], [Kuk, Lee]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]
subject: Meggan, Wisdom, and the kidnapping

We've run down as much preliminary information that we've been able to find, and both Jake and Betsy are modeling new profiles. However, I want to keep everyone up to date, especially since it could concern the school.

Here are the facts: )
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To: [Cassidy, Terry]
From: [Summers, Scott]
Subject: that internship you were talking about... )

To: [Cassidy, Sean]
From: [Summers, Scott]
Subject: Terry's summer plans )
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"I'm guessing it's all go there, or one of yeh would have got the phone.  Just in case anyone's panicing.  I've got Theresa and Kyle with me, we're on our way back.  Didn't want to keep them hanging about there in case...  Well, yeh know, in case, and figured the getting them away by car was safer than chancing the plane.  They're both shaken, but we're all alive.  See yeh soon." 
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To: [banshee]
From: [phase]
Subject: Training question. )
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To: Cassidy, Sean
From: MacTaggart, Moira
Subject: Thank You...

I know it's not something we planned on, but thank you for being there with me this afternoon. If you can keep my collapsing under wraps, I'd be even more grateful. Don't start, Sean, the other doctors know and so does Charles. I just...we have enough people to worry about right now, I'm thinking.



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