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To: [Ramsey, Doug]; [Lexington, Alexander]; [Grey, Jean]; [Maximoff, Wanda]
From: [Bishop]
Subject: Solid Lead on Vanessa's Location

The word is Prague. I'm putting together some way to travel now. It never hurts to take a team but I want to be cautiously optimistic about this. I have my crew, of course, but we're ultimately detectives. I know each of you has an interest, the Agency is resource scarce now but we can figure something out if you want to come see what's up for yourselves or have Emma donate her jet. Limited use. I'd take care of it. And a bottle of Cristal for when we get Vanessa back.
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To: [bishop]
From: [doug]
Subject: Prague

I've been refining the information you got me over the past several days, plus digging around everywhere I can to try and find confirmation. I'm positive that Vanessa is still in Prague. I've spotted those two goons that flew with her several times on traffic cameras around the city, running various errands. I haven't been able to single out the place where they've got her held, but I'm slowly narrowing down the list. It may be faster to just get over there and pick up a guy to put the screws to.

We're close, I can feel it.

[identity profile] x-bishop.livejournal.com
To: [Ramsey, Doug]
From: [Bishop]
Subject: New Information
Attachment: liafootage.zip, passport.img

I was sent some information about Vanessa, specifically her departure from Boston and the paperwork used to allow for it. Can you squeeze more out of this? A company or specific area or method of operations? This seems like our best shot currently. By far.
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[to:] Bishop, Lucas
[from:] Kane, Garrison
[attached] liafootage.zip, passport.img


I have a little gift for you, unwittingly from the FBI. Fortunately, a corrupt company dabbling into a little pharmacuetical smuggling in Boston gave me the excuse I needed to access a number of public and private sector security footage as part of that investigation. Well, part of the investigation because I lied and said it might be.

I've been hunting traffic footage for vehicles on the route of the motel that Vanessa was staying in around the time of her disappearance, and crosschecking them with the automated cameras at the three closest airports. There was a ping less than an hour later at Logan International. I went a little deeper into the terminal footage (which the FAA handed over kicking and screaming) and picked up two men and a woman in a wheelchair moving through the international departures section of the terminal. I know they've got her wrapped up and behind an oxygen mask, but if you take a look at the shots through security, there's a few frames of her hands outside of the blankets - blue hands.

Customs lists her as a medical patient being transported overseas for treatment - non-contagious with all of the proper medical work. Now, look at the img scan of her passport I attached. That's Vanessa. It was an early enough flight that the Aeroflot plane was only half full, and they privately preboarded 'Ms Andersen' and her attendents, so by the time the rest of the flight boarded, she was behind a privacy curtain. The flight was to Prague, and the medical information does have a couple of addresses for overthere, but they could be as fake as the passport.

I went through the paperwork and the passport scans. They might be full of fake information, but they are all properly issued documents. This is not a former merc rival with a grudge. To pull off a stunt like this, you need a lot of resources, money, and influence. This is a CIA level operation. So be careful. Whoever has her is operating with a lot of support and a lot of power behind them. I'll see if I can dig up anything else, but I'm already pushing the limits of what I can get away with before someone starts investigating me.

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To: [Maximoff, Wanda]; [Kane, Garrison]; [Ramsey, Doug]; [Lexington, Alexander]; [Worthington, Warren]; [Grey, Jean]
From: [Bishop]
Subject: Vanessa and Boston
Attachment: Missing.pdf

Adrienne and I have spent a day in Boston but have had little success with the hotel Vanessa was in. I know each of you have some varying level of interest in this and I'm not at the Agency to update the board so I'm messaging you directly. I'll be staying here for the time being and can be contacted through email. I'm forwarding along all the information I gather. I'm blocked out by local police; I hope I find something here one of you has the resources to take further.
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To: [Adrienne Frost]
From: [Bishop]
Subject: Boston

I have a trip to Boston arranged for us leaving Friday for the weekend. Come to the office packed by 8AM.
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To: [grey-summers, jean], [frost, adrienne], [worthington iii, warren], [wilson, wade]
From: [ramsey, doug]
Subject: Looking into Vanessa's disappearance


I kind of forgot to drop a comment to Doc Jean's post, but I've been doing some digging myself, and thought I should share the results around. Mostly been digging into emails and bank accounts (including the offshore one where she stashes her merc money that she probably thought I didn't know about). Last activity on all of the above is in the 21st/22nd time frame after sending an email to Bishop.

Other than coworkers and friends, her last email/text/call records are to a group of late teens/early 20s kids who all seem to be in the same sort of club scene in Boston.

According to motel records, she never actually checked out of her room, the staff showed up after her allotted checkout time, and found the place empty. I'm currently working on traffic cameras near there to see if I can get anything more concrete. I'll let you know if I find anything.



Jul. 23rd, 2011 11:50 pm
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TO: Vanessa
FROM: Warren

Hey love. Hope everything's okay, haven't heard from you in awhile. Jean's awake, Haller says she's alright.
[identity profile] x-highflying.livejournal.com

hey gorgeous. sorry i missed your last text, we've been a bit short handed with a bunch of people going on road trips and yvette going to her mother's funeral. and jean's still not awake.


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