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The mission went well. Jennie and I are okay. We discovered the source of the disturbance is a young boy named Quentin Quire. He is a very powerful telepath. He had managed to drag his entire school into the astral plane with no training at all and was torturing them. He was being bullied by some of the other students and lashed out. He's got a lot of anger from the things that happened to him. It's something we should probably keep an eye on.

I was able to cloud the thoughts of the affected people so that they wouldn't remember what happened. He's agreed to come to the school but it'll be a couple of days before we can pick him up. He said his parents are on a business trip so he has to wait until they return. I'll do a follow up when he contacts us again. We're on our way back.
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Manhattan, NY - Van Wyck Lawrence Preparatory Academy has been evacuated following reports of several students and teachers suddenly falling unconscious. A cause has not yet been determined. Rescue personnel have been unable to retrieve the victims because they, too, appear to lose consciousness not long after entering the building. Medical evaluation of evacuees suggests no exposure to a chemical or biological attack. However, authorities are reportedly considering a severe gas leak as the cause.

More on this story as it develops...


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