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To: [garrison], [em], [forge], [skin]
From: [doug]
Subj: All better

Dunno how fast the rumor mill works, but Angie asked me to send a quick text making sure everyone knows that she's okay. Will be back in NY some time today.
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OOC: Backdated due to actual sleeping...

No-one's dead, city's safe and Angie's with us, in one piece. Big Damn Heroes. Love you. A.
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To: [Dayspring, Nathan]
From: [Drake, Theresa]
Subject: A favor?


Do you know what Mr. Kane is talking about regarding Marie-Ange? I'm out of the loop on this one--too much time with my headphones on so I can study, I guess. You're Angelo's boss, could you enlighten me? Plus you're married to one of the Foreign Redheads and we all need to stick together. Um...I can come up with other lame excuses for needing the info too but...mostly I'm just worried because hospitals don't usually equal funtime.

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To: [Lorna]
From: [Jim]
Subject: Eventful day

It must be in the charter that even graduating from this place won't get you off the hook. I hope Marie-Ange's okay -- I haven't heard any updates to say she's either better or worse, but I guess holding even's not bad, all things considered.

By the way, Angelo did come back from the hospital at some point, right? Though even if not Amanda's probably had enough practice with overworked men in her life to make sure someone steers him towards a quiet chair at some point.

Not that it means much with all the other stuff going on, but yesterday I checked on Laurie after that whole incident with her mother. She was trying to figure out whether or not she wants to take her father up on his offer of getting to know him a little better. I . . . may have sort of encouraged her. Or at least not discouraged her.

Wait until he's conclusively proven evil before murdering me, please.
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to: [Munroe, Ororo]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

This is going to get out soon enough, but I thought I'd give you the headsup to be ready. Marie-Angie is undergoing heart surgery as the result of a botched attempt on my life. One minute, we were having lunch, talking about her dreams about storms and New Orleans, the next, someone has tried to hit me by shooting through her.
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to: [Munroe, Ororo]
from: [LeBeau, Remy]

Hey 'Ro,

I've got a favour to ask. Do you think you can take a little day trip out tomorrow? I'm going to be in Chicago, and I need a thief to help me find out some information.



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