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To: [Summers, Scott], [Munroe, Ororo]
From: [Frost, Adrienne]

Subject: Communicators of the missing folk

At the request of the mansion's resident genius, I was asked to inspect three smashed communicators that were FedExed to the mansion earlier today. My reading indicated that the communicators belonging to Kane, Moonstar, and Guthrie were taken from them at the crime scene by the creature Kyle calls Sabretooth. He took them- the communicators, not the missing people- to a motel room. Standard low-end thing- I didn't see the name but I'm going to track down the pattern I saw on the beds to find out which motels carry the type I saw and see if that leads me anywhere, since the pattern is too disgusting to explain in writing. The communicators were crushed. Bastard laughed while he did it. Threw the communicators into a FedEx box and left the motel to ship it out. There was no sign of Garrison or the others. I'm sorry I can't tell you more. I'll work on the motel angle though and see if that helps.


SMS  to Amanda...

Got your number from Morgan. Comms Jay, Gar, and Dani were carrying showed up today in the mail. Read them. Wanted to keep you in the loop. I saw Creed carry the comms to a motel room. Didn't see the name but I'll track the linens I saw on the bed to find that out. No sign of anyone else- Creed was alone. He was laughing as he wrecked the comms. Mailed them through FedEx via motel staff, but I didn't see the employee. Sorry I don't have more. Thinking more clearly today but nothing important. Can't stop thinking awful thoughts, like wondering why rip off wings and arm and leave them at the crime scene? Sick. Hope you're close to finding them. Funny thing about blackout in Granada yesterday huh? Take care. AF.
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