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Email to [All Teams]
Subject [Santa Ana is the new asshole of the universe]
Attachments [Previous emails - poison rocks - Kevin,Sue Poison Rocks sapiens league dossier - UNCLASSIFIED

This email is brought to you via my portable wifi at LAX and the ~economy class waiting area~ outside one of the United gates, ready for the 9:15pm United flight back to JFK. Santa Ana is literally the worst, and that includes the rest of the OC plus half of the rest of LA plus it's too hot.

Next time, I am being the business man and someone else is being the seedy college student/artist/whatever and they are going to get the red-eye to New York, not me.

To Business:

I sucked (and sucked up to, because there are anti mutant groups very into the idea of some mutie action on the side ugh I probably have throat chalmidia) my way into the local scene - we've been working around the edges of the mutant underground in a few cities for about a year now - and long story very short:

Sapiens League are nasty. Surprise!

They're planning a large scale anti-mutant action. We sort of knew that but not the what and how.

That stupid green emerald that the college kids have been after? They're using it against mutants. Dates to be confirmed but my friends are talking to their friends and they'll text me.

Thank fuck I don't have to go back to LA for anything for the next month or so. I hate that place.
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From: Artie
To: XF group

Subject: SL

Attachment: SL.zip


I've heard back and gotten more information from my sources.

There's a lot of gaps but what I have is attached. They're planning a large anti mutant action on the west coast. Still pinning down the location.
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To: [artie], [doug], [emma], [gabriel], [jubilee], [marie-ange], [rogue]
From: [amanda]

Subject: Parker Matthews

I did some poking around among the magical community and looked into Matthews' history. I wasn't expecting anything, so of course I found something. Apparently our lad had a couple of friends in magical circles - nothing big, just dabblers on the edge mostly. They haven't been heard from for a while, tho', which is never good. I'll keep looking, see what I turn up.


Email to XF

Sep. 7th, 2017 09:38 am
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To: [Marie-Ange] [Doug] [Amanda] [Jubilee] [Artie] [Emma] [Gabriel]
From: Rogue
Subject: Satan lives

Hey guys,

I wasn't sure if I should pass this forward, but I think I can't sit on it. I'll be blunt: Jean is dating Parker Matthews.

Now, to be honest, nothing she has SAID leads me to believe he's the 'same' and I really hate to think the worst based on past stuff....but I need to tell someone so those lucky someones are you.

I also have no idea what else to tell you. He's still super cute?
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im fine, guys.

my cover for the drop was college kid on break, so i did the backpackers, hung out with some norwegian kids until i got the bad sushi.

wasnt worth blowing cover for an extract - its a good passport with enough entries and exits and i want to keep it clean.

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[1/1] Hear you had some trouble with Maya. She seems to actually like me - want me to talk to her? She's a cool kid, even when I want to smack her.
[identity profile] x-artie.livejournal.com
yo - missed ur msg the other day. work thing. don't ask. yeah, kyle was kind of always a bit of a jerk. what'd he do to u?
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Memorial of sorts

Right, better to send to you all personally considering world damaging possibilities.

I wanted to wait a few days to do this but with Nu!Wanda arriving, guess that's a bust.

We may not be allowed a funeral, or grave stones but I refuse to let them go without something.

So meet me at the boathouse tonight, bring food and be ready to share a few memories.

For Ororo, Remy and Wanda, dudes.
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To: (North, David; Frost, Emma; Black, Cammie; Maddicks, Artie; Ramsey, Doug; Sefton, Amanda; Lee, Jubilation)
From: (Colbert, Marie-Ange)
Subject: X-Force

So it seems we are rebuilding. Rebuilt? Ugh, verb tenses. Doug fix it.

We are not closing the doors to what is an effective team.

We have lost too many - Pete is still unknown, Remy and Ororo gone, Wanda... I am not sure what has happened but with Wanda, when is it not chaos? I think we need to rebuild our numbers too.

Remy is going to absolutely haunt me for this, but I have a very short list. Does anyone else have anyone in mind before I send my very short list of two people?

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Txt to Artie:

(1/2)Gave you a few days to recover. Are you okay?
(2/2)I mean not just your arm. But do not forget to get your stitches checked.
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Pixie, a work thing's come up. Can we reschedule our skype? I'll be pretty much out of contact for a little while. Maybe up to a week, even.
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Hey. It is Tandy. New Phone. May I ask you for a favor?
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To: [angie], [trouble]
From: [doug]
Subject: Bathroom sublet?

So, Sue Storm is camping out on my couch for a few days. She stopped by my server room when you brought everyone to the office, Amanda - said she wanted some time away from the mansion to clear her head after everything from yesterday.

This being the second time a young lady protegee of mine has invaded my apartment, I'm starting to wonder if I need to pay a recurring fee for letting them borrow your bathroom. ;-) Which is a roundabout way to say, can she borrow your bathroom?

(is this what having minions/grasshoppers is like all the time, Amanda? :P)


To: [not-as-awesome roommate]
From: [more awesome roommate]
Subject: Third wheel


Sue Storm asked if she could stay over for a few days - wants some time away from the mansion. I'm asking Marie-Ange and Amanda if she can use their bathroom, so you don't have to worry about her invading your space. Try and at least be civil, maybe? (Crazy idea, I know.)

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Three notes, left on the desk of Artie's newly vacated room. The bed has been stripped, and all his personal possessions boxed up and placed into storage.

Letter to Molly )

Letter to Marie-Ange )

Letter to Mr Haller )
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Hey. Just learned about my ...past. Real name is Arthur. Don't call me that. Turns out Daddy paid off the nanny when I vanished, rather than go to the cops. Really don't know to deal w this. Help?
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To: [Amanda]
From: [Artie]
Subject: [Thank you.]

Hey, Amanda,

I wanted to say thank you for the saving my life the other week. And - this is awkward and I'm not sure how to say it without sounding like a total psycho but - they told me how you saved me.

I'm actually kind of okay with how you did that. I'm not happy about it but I'd rather be alive than dead and I did try to kill one of them myself.

And I'm pretty sure that I owe you a new toaster and some kitchen knives. Let me know what kind and I'll replace them.

-- Artie.


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