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To: [Kyle]
From: [Reed]
Re: I apologize

I might have a tonic that could help with your experiment-induced stomach disorder. It's untested but the science is sound. There's an 80% chance you will suffer no ill side effects.

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A picture of a steak, with a note that reads 'check in the freezer!' In the freezer is a box of 5 steaks. A note reads:

Happy Birthday!
You are unmis-steak-ably awesome!
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To: [Kyle], [Ev], [Topaz], [Matt]
From: [Clint]
Subject: A team thing?

So I talked about a team type thing with Jennie a while back, but since we've been (accidentally sometimes) working together for a while now, what with Alaska and the fish people and the rage stick, I figured I'd toss the idea for a team thing to you guys, too. Fair warning: I kinda might've already tossed the idea at Julian what's his face. He didn't seem impressed, but he did say he'd maybe give us money.

I'm down for leather, but also figure it's not a prereq, like for the X-Men and everything. What do you guys think? Maybe it'd be worth it? I mean, at least then we could get paid for dealing with random science-y crap, ancient tech, and Asgardian baby WMDs. Yes? No? Maybe so?
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To: [Kyle], [Topaz], [Matt], [Ev]
From: [Clint]
Subject: [no subject]

the staffs offworld or at least i gave it to thor and todl him to keep it i'm really sorry about everything i have to go ice my ribs again now
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From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Jones, Angelica; Gibney, Kyle; Keller, Julian
Subject: Amadeus Cho


I don't know if you have already seen the message about the Advanced First Aid Course Clarice and I will be offering. I think Amadeus Cho is a very good candidate for this one since he performed a tracheotomy on someone when we helped at the roadside accident a while back.

Is there anything you can do to encourage him to sign up?

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To: [Firefly], [Dolladollabill]
From: [K-Gibz]
Subject: Guys I had the best idea.

Kay so first, Ghostbusters is freaking awesome. Second the kids are into it. Third they need some team work and powers stuff right I mean like always?

Four man squads, vs assorted ghosts. From - idk, like any of the Ghostbusters stuff, so we could mine the old cartoon or video games too, so they get some variety and it's not just the ghosts from the new movie.

So - so like here's the thing, at least some of 'em also wanna fight the Marshmallow Man so, lets like lets make it the reward for teamwork. Not winning but like, being good teammates.

Kids who wanna fight stay-puft get to, kids who don't wanna get some other cool reward like laughing at their friends covered in marshmallows.

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[1/4] dude u gota com n c this
[2/4] kanes KILLIN it n th DR - epic
[3/4] its lik lernin thru observation
[4/4] holy shit no 4srs get dwn here
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[1/4] Wait...why were you naked?
[2/4] I mean, I know you don't like shoes.
[3/4] But isn't that taking it a little far?
[4/4] Are you a naturalist now?
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To: [Topaz], [Mols], [Ev], [Tasha], [Kyle]
From: [Clint]
Subject: FWD: Alaska

Phil sent us some presents and some wrap-up info about Alaska. See below for deets. Also, I'm sticking your gift cards in your mailboxes. Kyle, can you proof my after-action since Phil's being all snooty about words?

Begin Forwarded Message )
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Why are you not answering your phone?


Anyway. Did you know that if you drop a bowling ball and a feather in zero gravity they fall at exactly the same rate?
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[1/3] I now it has been 1 day
[2/3] But I have a Great Bad Idea
[3/3] U in?
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To: Xavin, Rahne
From: Kyle Gibney
Subject: Spring break

So while you guys are on Spring "Break" I'm going to head up to Alaska to help some folks with a thing.

It's kinda an X-thing but not really an X-thing. Anyway, you guys should be okay, cause I should be back before break's over but if I'm not, I left you guys some video lessons and assignments, and I trust you guys to handle some self-directed stuff, you're both pretty responsible. None of the videos involve Hamilton, I promise.

Also there's 20 bucks for pizza hidden in the SAT and PSAT prepbooks.

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To: [Kyle], [Mols]
From: [Clint]
Subject: Wanna take a trip?

Hey guys -

So a friend of mine just called and asked me to check out a thing in Barrow, Alaska. That's where SHIELD sent me last year around this time-ish. He said I'd probably need a small team, so I figured I'd see if you guys were interested in tagging along. It's cold as balls, though, so be warned. I've got some extra awesome cold weather gear to share, if you want in. Let me know - I'm looking at heading northward tomorrow or the day after, depending. I've gotten word that the weather's not actually as bad as the NWA says it is, so.

- Clint

To: [bro]
From: [bro]
Subject: Dogsitting?

Looks like I gotta take a trip up to Barrow in the next couple days. Not sure how long I'm gonna be gone, but Tasha's coming with. Can you watch Lucky for me?
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You need to come with me to see Zootopia.
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From [Collins, Laurie]

To: [Gibney, Kyle]

Subject A possible distraction.

Given that you're a popular man, I have no doubt there have been a multitude of offers to take you drinking and for food and possibly even some offers of a more salacious nature.

This is not one of those. (Not that you are not an exceedingly attractive man, my friend. Just that I prefer to not think of you in such fashion )

But I digress. I wish to take part in an ultra marathon - I have not decided which yet (Perhaps you could help choose?) and if you would be so kind as to help me train, or indeed attend with me - I would be grateful. (Not so grateful that I would share my French toast however - we are not heathens)

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To: [that guy]
From: [this girl]

Re: breakups

The solution to your problem is you get drunk with your friend, who's ex-fiancé is both evil and undead.

Txt to Kyle

Sep. 6th, 2015 02:47 pm
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If you had to say, what sort of person would you say I was?


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