Nov. 20th, 2008

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To: [amanda], [wanda], [angie]
From: [doug]
Subject: I don't know how to say this...

...I'm not sure I'd know how to tell this to you guys even if there weren't the mess my brain is to consider.

Pete and Garrison are missing. They were driving into Manhattan (along with Jay Guthrie and Dani Moonstar) and they were attacked and taken. They're missing, and it's not even clear if they're still alive, apparently. We don't know much more than that right now.

I don't know what else to say.

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To: [remy]
From: [doug]
Subject: Where do we start?

We obviously need more info than what Adrienne Frost gave out. I've let Amanda, Wanda, and Marie-Ange know what happened. My brain may be a little messed up still, but I can still work. Where do we start?

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To: Cupcake
From: Chowder

Not asking what you don't want to tell. One question I have to ask: You want company or to be alone right now?
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To: [Skin]
From: [Em]

I don't know what to do. Gar and I were finally going to talk tonight...and now this. I just...I don't want to be alone right now. Please.
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Left on Jean-Phillipe's voicemail:

Call me. Immediately. Or speak to Mark. I do not care which, but it will be one of those. Call collect if you must. You know the number.
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To: [a ghra]
From: [me]
Subject: Availability

I'm going to be working nonstop for a while. I'll call when I can.

Jay's gone. They don't know if he's alive.

I love you.

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To: [Summers, Scott, Munroe, Ororo]

From [Collins, Laurie]

Subject: [Comms duty] )
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To: [Rainbow Brite]
From: [Tickled Pink]
Subject: Thursday's holiday


What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Because my friends are having their usual Thanksgiving potluck and said I could invite you. It's mostly vegan (there'll be some ice cream I know, but we always have pie and if you want we can get some soy ice cream). It's kinda this thing we've been doing for, well forever. You know taking some of the cruelty out of the holiday? You hadn't mentioned anything yet, so I thought I'd ask.



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